Malate Dehydrogenase (MDH)

Product Name Malate Dehydrogenase
Source Porcine Heart
Catalogue Number 425-20
Purity Purified
Form Lyophilized
Activity > 150 U/mg
Unit Definition One unit will convert one micromole of oxaloacetate and NADH to L-Malate and NAD per minute at pH 7.5 and 37°C.
Protein Typically > 0.1 mg protein/mg (Coomassie)
Contaminants SGOT/AST: < 0.1%
ALT/GPT: < 0.1%
LDH: < 0.1%
Ammonia: < 0.1 micromole/mg protein
Recertification 2 years
Storage -20°C
Synonyms Malic Dehydrogenase, L-Malate: NAD+ oxidoreductase
Molecular Weight 32662
CAS Number 9001-64-3
E.C. Number