Albumin (ALB)

Catalogue Number: 101-50
Product Name Albumin
Source Mouse Serum
Catalogue Number 101-50
Purity > 96% (Electrophoresis)
Form Lyophilized
Protein > 96% (Biuret)
Appearance White to amber powder
Reconstitution Use buffer of your choice, then store at -20°C long-term
Related Products 101-18 - 20% Human Serum Albumin solution
324-30 - Hemoglobin from mouse red blood cells
334-11 - Haptoglobin from mouse serum
Storage 2-8°C
Recertification 5 years
Molecular Weight ~65,900
CAS Number 9048-46-8
EC Number 232-936-2
Gene ALB, ALB-1, ALB1
Gene ID 11657

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Mouse albumin confirmed by MALDI-TOFF analysis. Albumin is the most abundant protein present in serum. Albumin is a negative acute phase reactant, the serum levels of which decrease by approximately 30% in response to disease, tissue injury or inflammation (1-3). The high serum concentration of albumin (~35 mg/mL in normal mouse serum).

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