Creatine Kinase (CK/CPK)

Catalogue Number: 191-50
Product Name Creatine Kinase
Source Rabbit Muscle
Catalogue Number 191-50
Purity Purified
Form Lyophilized
Activity > 250 U/mg solid (Dimension® Clinical Chemistry System)
Unit Definition One unit catalyzes the transphosphorylation of one micromole of phosphate from creatine phosphate to ADP per minute at 37°C.
Protein > 0.6 mg protein/mg solid (Coomassie)
Specific Activity > 200 U/mg protein
Contaminants ALP: < 0.01%
SGOT/AST: < 0.01%
ALT/GPT: < 0.01%
PK: < 0.1%
Appearance Tan powder
Solubility Clear, colorless (1 mg/mL TBS with 1 mM DTT and 1% BSA)
Reconstitution Tris buffered saline containing 1 mM DTT and 1% BSA.
Related Products 190-10 - Creatine Kinase from bovine heart
191-40 - Creatine Kinase from porcine heart
190-29 - CK-MM from human skeletal muscle
Storage -20°C
Recertification 2 years
Synonyms Creatine Phosphokinase, Creatine N-Phosphotransferase, CK, CPK, Phosphocreatine phosphokinase
CAS Number 9001-15-4
E.C. Number

Lee Biosolutions is the leading producer of Rabbit Muscle Creatine Phosphokinase (CPK/CK) for research and clinical diagnostics manufacturing.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details.

Clinical Significance: Detection of Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Diseases of the Central Nervous System and Thyroid Disease. Our Creatine Kinase CPK products are extensively used in multi-analyte clinical chemistry controls and calibrators for major IVD manufacturers.

Creatine Kinase, also known as CK, CPK, Creatine Kinase, Creatine Phosphokinase is an enzyme present in muscle, brain, and other tissues of vertebrates that catalyzes the reversible conversion of ADP and phosphocreatine into ATP and creatine.

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