Proteins, Enzymes, Biologics & More

Lee Biosolutions is a global leader in the manufacturing of raw materials for the IVD and research markets, supplying proteins, enzymes, antibodies, biochemicals and biologics around the globe.

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Bulk Producer of Cholesterol Products

We are the manufacturer of choice among the commercial diagnostic industry for human and animal-sourced cholesterol products, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and delipidized serum. Order now or inquire for your custom requirements.

Native Proteins & Enzymes

We specialize in the manufacture of highly purified native animal and human proteins and enzymes for use in clinical diagnostic manufacturing, analytical research, antibody production, molecular biology, cell culture, and drug discovery among others.

Human Fluids & Tissues

Using advance techniques in collection, preservation and storage, our high quality biological samples and specimens play a vital role in research, development and manufacturing. Customized or validated collections are available.

Reagents, Chemicals & Solutions

Our high purity reagents are used as components in biopharmaceuticals, cell culture media, diagnostics, applied and life science research and specialty chemical markets worldwide.


Our affinity purified antibodies are generated and produced with high specificity and reactivity for use in labeling and immobilizations for ELISAs, Western blotting, RIA and immunohistochemistry applications worldwide.

A Global Leader in Biologicals Manufacturing in the Heart of the United States

We have been recognized by researchers and academics as a global leader in biologicals manufacturing. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve been able to help our clients solve complex problems - by producing and manufacturing high quality proteins and enzymes for a wide range of life science research and diagnostic applications through novel extraction methodologies and classical chromatography techniques.

Beyond protein and enzyme manufacturing, we distribute biological samples and specimens that often play a vital role in research, development and manufacturing processes.