Analytical Testing & Technical Support

Our expertise with analytical characterization of proteins and knowledge of separation techniques along with a highly skilled quality control team, allows us to provide outstanding analytical and technical support to our clients. Our scientists can customize an experience that can help with product development and support.

Aiding in our QC and development team's role, we offer a multitude of in-house assay capabilities for your research and production needs, including manual, kinetic, quantitative, qualitative and functional assays, bioassays, immunoassays, Western blots, osmometry, viscometry and much more. Our in-house platforms feature the world-renowned Siemens Diagnostics Dimension® Clinical Chemistry and IMMULITE 1000® Immunoassay Systems, for which we offer the following assays:

Siemens Dimension® Clinical Chemistry System Assay Menu

Siemens IMMULITE 1000® Immunoassay System Menu

Whether you're sending samples to our lab for testing, or purchasing our biologicals or finished proteins, we offer analytical testing that allows you to measure, quantify and track analytes that can mean the difference for a successful project. Email for assay details, pricing, turnaround times and additional details.