Lee Biosolutions has a long, successful history as a provider of biological products for the in

vitro diagnostic (IVD) and research markets.

  • 1975. Dr. Howard Lee establishes Lee Scientific, Inc. Initial product involves isolating

    gGT from bovine kidneys for the diagnostic market.

  • 1985. The industry loses a visionary when Dr. Lee passes away from cancer.
  • 1986. Dr. Lee’s son, Burton Lee, leaves his position at Dow Chemical to work in the family business as a sales manager.
  • 1988. Burton Lee is promoted to Executive Vice President, introduces a new line of cardiac and tumor markers to the industry.
  • 2002. Burton Lee purchases the family business and renames it Lee Biosolutions, Inc.
  • 2012. Matt Lee comes on board after a successful internship as Logistics Manager.
  • 2014. Matt Lee is promoted to Vice­President of Business Operations.
  • 2015. Lee Biosolutions moves into a new 41,000 ft2 (12,496 m2) research and manufacturing facility with clean room for contract protein purification. Matt Lee becomes President and COO; Burton Lee stays on as CEO.
  • 2016. The company achieves ISO 13485:2008 certification, and acquires Creative Laboratory Products. This extends the company’s portfolio of products to include lipoproteins, cholesterol, and triglycerides.
  • Today. Lee Biosolutions is a global leader in bulk manufacturing of high quality enzymes and related proteins. Products include tissue and serum proteins, biomarkers, antibodies, specialty biologicals, and custom preparations.