Acid Phosphatase, Prostatic (ACP/PAP)

Product Name Prostatic Acid Phosphatase
Source Human Semen
Catalogue Number 475-20
Purity Partially Purified
Form Liquid
Activity > 200 U/mL (Dimension® Clinical Chemistry System)
Unit Definition One unit will catalyze the hydrolysis of one micromole of thymolphthalein monophosphate to thymolphthalein and phosphate per minute at pH 5.6 and 37°C.
Protein > 1.0 mg protein/mL (Coomassie)
Specific Activity Typically > 25 U/mg protein
Appearance Cloudy, straw colored liquid
Related Products 475-41 - Acid Phosphatase from sweet potato - Lyophilized
475-31 - Prostatic Acid Phosphatase from human semen - >98% (SDS-PAGE)
497-11 - Prostate Specific Antigen from human semen
Storage -20°C
Recertification 2 Years
Infectious Disease Testing Negative or non-reactive at the donor level for anti HIV 1 and 2, anti HCV, HBsAg, HCV NAT, HIV-1 NAT, and syphilis by FDA approved methods.
Synonyms ACP, PAP, Acid Phos, 5'-nucleotidase, 5'-NT, Ecto-5'-nucleotidase, Thiamine monophosphatase, TMPase, PAPf39
Molecular Weight 100,000
CAS Number 9001-77-8
E.C. Number
Gene ACPP, 5'-NT, ACP-3, ACP3, PAP
Accession No P15309