Albumin (BSA, ALB) - Low Endotoxin and Protease-Free

Product Name Albumin - Low Endotoxin and Protease Free
Source Bovine Plasma
Form Lyophilized
Catalogue Number 100-30
Purity > 98% (Electrophoresis)
Protein > 98% (Elemental analysis, dry basis)
Analysis Sodium: Reported mg/g
Potassium: Reported mg/g
Chloride: Reported mg/g
Calcium: Reported mg/g
pH 6.5 - 7.5 (10% solution)
Water < 5% (Loss on drying)
Appearance White to yellow, tan to green cast powder
Solubility Clear to slightly hazy, yellow to yellow-green (4% solution in water)
Protease < 0.005 U/mg (Enzymatic)
Bovine IgG Not detected (Turbidimetric)
Ash < 2% (Residue on ignition)
Endotoxin < 3 EU/mg (LAL)
Heavy Metals < 10 ppm as Pb (ICP)
Recertification 5 years from manufacture date