Active Donor Database & Specimen Profiling

Lee BioSolutions maintains an active donor database to quickly produce samples and specimens of blood, saliva, sperm, vaginal fluid, biomarkers and other biological fluids and tissue based on your specifications. Our clients include worldwide research universities, hospitals and institutions, as well as clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We leverage our continuously growing donor database to offer specimen profiling and supply biological materials to research scientists, protein chemists, forensic scientists, histologists and pathologists.

Donor Specimen Samples of Biological Fluids, Tissues and Cells

Lee BioSolutions can provide your laboratory with biological materials (fluids, tissues and cells) for equipment calibration and instrumentation; protein research and manufacturing; identification, validation and verification studies; method development; and DNA and RNA research. We can supply:

  • Human or animal control samples
  • Male or female control samples
  • Age range control samples
  • Ethnicity control samples
  • Disease state control samples
  • Drug levels and usage history control samples