Protein Purification & Reconstitution

Lee BioSolutions has 35 years of experience providing protein sample preparation, isolation, purification and reconstitution services. Our worldwide research, healthcare, life science and biopharmaceutical clients rely on Lee for consistent, scalable and high-quality protein work (96% or greater purity levels). We remove the contaminants that can interfere with calibration, instrumentation, testing, validation and finished product development. This results in a cleaner, higher-quality and higher-value end product. Lee BioSolutions also custom-develops convenient, cost-effective protein reconstitution kits. These include a buffer (based on your specifications), proteins and instructions for fast, easy reconstitution.

Protein Purification Methodologies

Our protein purification methodologies and custom laboratory work include affinity chromotagraphy, chromatofocusing, gel filtration and desalting, hydrophobic interaction, ion exchange, extraction and clarification, as well as salt and solvent precipitations. We also offer aseptic filtration, formulation and lyophilization, protein conjugation and immobilization, purification method development and scale up, analytical method development, and process and analytical validation.