Lithium Acetoacetate

Catalogue Number: 905-10
Product Name Lithium Acetoacetate
Source Synthetic
Catalogue Number 905-10
Purity > 96% (Titration)
Form Crystalline
Solubility Clear and colorless-light yellow in a 5% solution (H2O)
Moisture < 2% (Karl Fischer)
Appearance White powder
Recertification 4 years
Storage -20°C
Synonyms Acetoacetic Acid Lithium Salt, ketone indicator
Formula C4H5LiO3
Molecular Weight 108.02 g/mol
UNSPSC code 41116000
CAS Number 3483-11-2

Lee Biosolutions is the leading supplier of Acetoacetic Acid Lithium Salt (lithium acetoacetate), which can be used as urine ketone indicator for urinalysis test manufacturers.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details. Bulk quantities from 25 kg.

Ketone Chemical Principle: Legal's test-nitroprusside reaction. Use Acetoacetic acid in an alkaline medium that reacts with nitroferricanide to produce a color change from beige to purple on the urine strip.

Urine ketones, such as beta-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid, and acetone, are the end-product of rapid or excessive fatty acid breakdown. Its important to note that only acetoacetic acid reacts with sodium nitroprusside reagent. As with glucose, ketones are present in the urine when the blood levels surpass a certain threshold.

Fatty acid release from adipose tissue is stimulated by a number of hormones including glucagon, epinephrine, and growth hormone. The levels of these hormones are increased in starvation, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and a number of other conditions.

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