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Clinical Diagnostics & Immunochemistry: We're One of the Top Suppliers of Clinical Chemistry Tests

Lee BioSolutions is an internationally respected laboratory and supplier for the clinical diagnostics, immunochemistry and healthcare industry. We manufacture hundreds of analytes for clinical general chemistry and immunology reagent controls and calibrators. Our products are used in or to develop clinical chemistry tests, point-of-care, benchtop clinical chemistry systems and mass assay automated clinical chemistry analyzers worldwide.

Clinical Chemistry Tests

Our product line increases every year to encompass the growing need for clinical chemistry tests. We will custom-develop a protein to meet your specifications:

  • Renal (kidney) function clinical chemistry tests
  • Liver function clinical chemistry tests
  • Cardiac markers clinical chemistry tests
  • Blood disorders clinical chemistry tests
  • Metabolic disease clinical chemistry tests
  • Cancer clinical chemistry tests
  • Neurological disorders clinical chemistry tests