Drug Discovery & Design: We Custom Purify Proteins for Protein Crystallography Studies

Lee BioSolutions has been serving the international scientific research community for nearly 35 years. Our clients include some of the world's most renowned research universities, institutions and hospitals. Three-dimensional structure of a protein is predominantly determined by X-ray crystallography. This structural information is key to understanding its biological function and plays a critical role in drug design and discovery. Lee BioSolutions works closely with pharmaceutical companies to provide high-quality proteins to make this process easier.

Lee BioSolutions understands that a great deal of time and investment is required in the drug discovery process because each protein has its own specific set of crystallisation conditions and hundreds of trial experiments must be performed on any targeted protein. High-quality protein crystals are important in developing insights into the crystallisation process, allowing the distinction between protein crystallisation and other macromolecular physical processes such as aggregation and precipitation. Visualization of how drug-like molecules bind to the target protein is a key step in driving follow-up or pre-clinical chemistry to improve characteristics of the molecule.

Protein Crystallography Study Experts

As a proponent of scientific research, Lee BioSolutions is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high-purity human, animal and recombinant proteins. Our product line includes recombinant and native human renin and myeloperoxidase C. We will custom purify proteins to support your protein crystallography studies. Lee BioSolutions is ISO 9001:2008 certified, FDA registered, GMP compliant and meets USDA and EPA guidelines.