Forensics: We're One of the Top Suppliers of Biomaterials Control Samples

Over the last 35 years, Lee BioSolutions has worked with forensic and criminal laboratories around the world to provide biological materials for validation of specific profile analyzers. We are known internationally as a trusted supplier of control samples for human and animal blood, biological fluids, tissues, cells and biomarkers. We maintain a continually-growing database of donors to quickly produce control samples of blood, saliva, sperm, vaginal fluid and other biological fluids and tissue.

Control Samples of Biomaterials, Biological Fluids, Tissues & Cells

Lee BioSolutions can provide your laboratory with biological materials (fluids, tissues and cells) for use as control samples to validate your profile specifications.

  • Human or animal control samples
  • Male or female control samples
  • Age range control samples
  • Ethnicity control samples
  • Disease state control samples
  • Drug levels and usage history control samples