Haptoglobin 1-1 (Hp1-1)

Product Name Haptoglobin 1-1
Source Human Plasma
Catalogue Number 330-12
Purity > 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Form Lyophilized
Protein Reported in mg/vial (A278 E0.1%=1.20)
Genotype 1-1
Appearance White to near white
Reconstitution Centrifuge briefly prior to opening and reconstitute with deionized water in the provided container for full recovery. Aliquot and freeze at -20°C after reconstitution.
Related Products 330-11 - Haptoglobin antigen
330-13 - Haptoglobin 2-2 antigen
Storage -20°C
Recertification 2 years
Molecular Weight 86,000
Synonyms Hp1-1