Contract Aliquoting Services

With 35 years of experience, Lee BioSolutions understands the importance of precision, accuracy and convenience in laboratory and research work. That is why we will aliquot any of our products OR any biomaterials you supply to the measurement unit of your specifications. Our aliquoting services enable you to reduce waste by only purchasing the amount of raw materials you need and in the exact increments that are most convenient for your work. We can aliquot any of our (or your) biomaterials in measurements as small as a microgram or microlitre (or smaller).

Our Clients Trust Lee BioSolutions to Aliquot Their Raw Ingredients & Biomaterials

Lee BioSolutions has been a trusted partner to the world's most respected research universities, hospitals and institutions, as well as the industry's largest names in clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. They trust Lee BioSolutions because we:

  • Have 35 years of experience in the scientific research, laboratory, diagnostics, healthcare and biopharmaceutical industry.
  • Are ISO 9001:2008 certified, FDA registered and meet USDA and EPA guidelines.
  • Comply with cGMP best practices and utilize industry recognized standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Retain an internal quality control department of experienced scientists and laboratory research personnel.
  • Feature a nearly 20,000-square-foot production and processing facility.