Sulfobromophthalein Disodium Salt Hydrate

Catalogue Number: 970-01
Availability Discontinued
Product Name Sulfobromophthalein Disodium Salt Hydrate
Source Synthetic
Source Note Completely animal-free
Catalogue Number 970-01
Form Powder
Molecular Weight 838.03 g/mol - x H2O (Anhydrous)
Appearance White to off-white powder
Moisture < 10%
λ Max 577 nm ± 2 nm (0.1 M NaOH)
Recertification 4 years
Storage Ambient
Formula C20H8Br4Na2O10S2 x H2O
Synonyms BSP, Bromsulfalein, Bromsulphalein, Phenoltetrabromophthalein disulfonic acid disodium salt
Application Hepatic Disorder Diagnosis, Research, Diagnostic Manufacturing
CAS Number 123359-42-2
EC Number 200-761-0

Lee Biosolutions Sulfobromotphthalein is a hygroscopic, crystalline compound, soluble in water and is used in humans and animals as a diagnostic liver function test.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details. Bulk quantities from 1,000 g to 25 kg.

Note: This produce is 100% animal-free.

Application: Hepatocyte transport functions

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