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Albumin (HSA, ALB) - Protease Free


Product Name Albumin - Protease Free
Source Human Serum
Catalogue Number 101-12
Purity > 98%
Form Lyophilized
Protein > 4.7 grams/dL (Biuret)
Appearance Off-white powder
Moisture Content < 5.0 (Karl Fischer)
Protease None Detected
Recertification 5 years
Storage 2-8°C
UNSPSC code 51131909
Molecular Weight 67 kDa
CAS Number 70024-90-7
101-12-1 $ 30.00 1 grams
101-12-10 $ 150.00 10 grams
101-12-50 $ 250.00 50 grams
101-12-250 $ 1,150.00 250 grams
101-12-1000 $ 4,000.00 1,000 grams
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Lee Biosolutions produces HUMAN SERUM ALBUMIN for research and bulk clinical diagnostic manufacturing.

Technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email Info@leebio.com for more details.

Highest purity HSA by producer has low immunoassay levels of TSH, TSH and HCG. No Protease Detected. Highest purity albumin available, certified B12, low folate and low immunoassay level. FSH less than 10 IU/liter, TSH less than 0.1 miu/liter, HCG less than 5 IU/liter.

Solubility: Albumins are readily soluble in de-ionized water and can only precipitated by high concentrations of neutral salts. Lee Biosolution's Human Serum Albumin helps stabilize other solubilized proteins. Albumin (HSA)is readily coagulated with heat.

HSA is used to solublize lipids and albumin can be used as a blocking agent in Western Blotting and ELISA applications.

Human Serum Albumin binds water, sodium and potassium. Due to a hydrophobic clet, albumin binds fatty acid, bilirubin, hormones and drugs. Its main function is to regulate the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood and is the most abundant blood plasma protein and is produced in the liver and forms a large proportion of all plasma protein. The human version is human serum albumin, and it normally constitutes about 60% of human plasma protein.

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