Pepsinogen I (PGI, PGA)

Catalogue Number: 440-50
Product Name Pepsinogen I
Source Human Gastric Mucosa
Catalogue Number 440-50
Purity > 90% (SDS-PAGE)
Form Lyophilized
Protein Reported mg protein/vial (A280, E0.1%=1.48)
Specific Activity > 500 U/mg protein (After activation)
Unit Definition One unit will produce a change in A280 of 0.001 per minute at pH 2.0 and 37°C, measured as TCA-soluble products from hemoglobin.
Identity Confirmed by Western Blot
Appearance White lyophilisate
Form Lyophilized from tris-chloride, pH 8.5
Solubility Clear, colorless liquid (1 mg/mL saline)
Recertification 3 years
Storage -20°C
Molecular Weight 45,000
Synonyms Pepsinogen A, PG I, PGA, Pepsinogen 1
E.C. Number
Gene PGA3, PGA4, PGA5

Lee Biosolutions is the leading producer and supplier of human gastric Pepsinogen I (A) antigen as a cancer marker for medical research, clinical and biomedical manufacturing.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details.

Human Pepsinogens are aspartic proteases produced in the gastric mucosa and secreted into the gastric lumen that play a major role in the digestion of proteins after activation of acidic pH. It is synthesized as isoymogens and are classified into two groups, Pepsinogen I and Pepsinogen II).

Human PGA and PGC antigen have been investigated as a possible biomarker for early detection of, Gastric cancer (GC), adenoma (GA) and severe atrophic (diffuse or patchy) corpus gastritis.

It has been reported that human Pepsinogen I (PGA) levels were lower in atrophic corpus gastritis than in atrophic antral gastritis, and human pepsinogen I(PGA) levels were lower in advanced gastric cancer than early stage gastric cancer.

440-50-0.1 $ 140.00 100 ug
440-50-0.5 $ 295.00 5 x 100 ug
440-50-1 $ 450.00 1 mg
Representative SDS-PAGE & WB - 440-50