Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (A1AT)

Catalogue Number: 106-11
Product Name Alpha-1-Antitrypsin
Source Human Plasma
Catalogue Number 106-11
Purity > 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Form Lyophilized
Protein Reported in mg/vial (A280, E0.1%=0.433)
Formulation Lyophilized from sodium phosphate buffer
Reconstitution De-ionized H2O
Storage -20°C
Recertification 3 years
Molecular Weight ~54,000
UNSPSC code 51131904
Synonyms A1AT, Alpha-1 protease inhibitor, Alpha-1-antiproteinase
References Identification of carbamylated alpha 1 anti-trypsin (A1AT) as an antigenic target of anti-CarP antibodies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Journal of Autoimmunity, Volume 80, June 2017, Pages 77-84.

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Human alpha 1 Antitrypsin or Human A1-antitrypsin (A1AT), also known as serum trypsin inhibitor, protects tissue from enzymes from inflammatory cells, especially elastase and is present in human blood. Disorders of the enzyme include human alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a hereditary disorder in which lack of Human alpha-1 Antitrypsin AAT (A1AT) leads to uninhibited tissue breakdown during inflammation.

Studies indicate that this causes pulmonary emphysema and leads to liver cirrhosis in severe cases. Human alpha-1 antitrypsin protects the lungs from the harmful effects of human neutrophil elastase.

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