Bilirubin, Unconjugated - Indirect

Catalogue Number: 127-12
Product Name Bilirubin (Indirect/Unconjugated)
Source Porcine Gallbladder
Catalogue Number 127-12
Form Powder
Purity > 95% (UV-Spec)
Purity Note Reported on an anhydrous basis
Loss on Drying < 2.0%
Appearance Orange to brick-red powder
Reconstitution - 1 mg/mL in DMSO, chloroform, or dilute base (0.1 M NaOH, for example).
- Immediately dilute the NaOH solutions with 0.2 M tris, pH 8.4.
- Store the solutions at -20°C, protected from light and exposure to air.
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651-10 - Urobilinogen
343-10 - Esterase from porcine liver
Storage -20°C, protect from light and air.
Recertification 2 years
Synonyms 2,17-Diethenyl-1,10,19,22,23,24-hexahydro-3,7,13,18-tetramethyl-1,19-dioxo-21H-biline-8,12-dipropanoic acid
Molecular Weight 584.6
CAS Number 635-65-4
Formula C33H36N4O6
Gene ID 100325212
References 1) Clinical Chemistry 56:5, 869–875 (2010)

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Lee Biosolutions Bilirubin consists of an open chain of four pyrrole-like rings (tetrapyrrole). In heme, by contrast, these four rings are connected into a larger ring, called a porphyrin ring.

Bilirubin (also known as unconjugated or indirect bilirubin) is formed when red blood cells die and their hemoglobin is broken down within the macrophages to haem and globins. In diseases where too much hemoglobin is broken down or the removal of bilirubin does not function properly, the accumulating bilirubin in the body causes jaundice. When bilirubin is detected in the urine, it may signal underlying liver disease that can result in jaundice (excessive bilirubin stains the fatty tissues in the skin, causing a yellow appearance).

Bilirubin Reacts quickly when dyes (diazo reagent) are added to specimens to produce azobilirubin "Direct bilirubin".

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