Kappa Free Light Chain

Catalogue Number: 410-12
Product Name Kappa Free Light Chain Antigen
Source Human Urine
Catalogue Number 410-12
Purity > 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Form Liquid
Protein > 1.0 mg/mL (Nephelometry Method)
Contaminants Lambda Free Light Chain: <1%
IgG: <1%
IgM: <1%
IgA: <1%
Cystatin C: <1%
Microalbumin: <1%
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow
Formulation Solution in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4 with 0.1% sodium azide.
Related Products 420-12 - Lambda Free Light Chain antigen
GKGF-80A - anti-Human Bound + Free Kappa Light Chain Polyclonal Antibody
GLBF-80A - anti-Human Bound + Free Lambda Light Chain Polyclonal Antibody
Storage 2-8°C
Recertification 18 months
Molecular Weight ~23,000
Synonyms Bence Jones Protein-Kappa, FLC-Kappa, KLC, KFLC

Lee Biosolutions is the leading supplier of human urine Kappa Free Light Chain antigen for research and diagnostic manufacturing.

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