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On April 1st at the Great Circle Edgewood Campus in Webster Groves, Lee Biosolutions was one of seven recipients that was recognized with the 2015 Circle of Caring Volunteer Award. Lee Biosolutions was recognized by developing a highly specialized alternative internship program specifically designed for the older youth attending Hitchcock school at the Edgewood Campus.

Great Circle provides advance residential treatment for children with autism, respite services, self-injury treatment, behavioral healthcare, foster care and a place for middle and upper school students at Hitchcock School who are not able to function in a traditional education setting. Lee Biosolutions has continued through the years to be involved with community volunteerism and continues  coming up with innovative ways to be able to give back to those in need.

Burton Lee, President and CEO, “It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences to customize a program that benefits the Youth by equipping them with additional skills and knowledge by being part of the LeeBio team . We design the job around the priorities of the student, family and counselors which is unique in our field. They will finish the program with a sense of pride and  can to look back and see what they have been able to accomplish. These are students that others have given up on. We never will.  “

About Lee Bio

Lee Biosolutions is a manufacturer of high purity finished enzymes and related proteins such as cardiac and tumor biomarkers used by research institutions, IVD manufacturers and the biotech healthcare industries worldwide. LeeBio is known for its expertise, leadership and support by clients because of the its ability to partner with them in the development, purification, scale up and commercialization of innovative products.