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Lee BioSolutions Inc, an international manufacturer, producer and supplier of high purity proteins and antigens announces that it will supply high purity Hemoglobin A1C to the Diabetes Market. Hemoglobin A1C is isolated from Red Blood cells and is used as an indicator of blood glucose in a diabetic patient. The A1C test is an important test in the diagnosis and management of diabetes.

According to the World Health Organization there are over 350 million people who have diabetes worldwide. Current news reports say that 50% of individuals living in the United States are either pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Lee Biosolutions recognizes the growing diabetes market and is committed in providing the highest quality Hemoglobin A1C protein and is working closely with major diagnostic companies to meet demand of this highly desirable indicator. . In addition to isolating A1C from red blood cells, Lee Biosolutions is also providing prediabetic, diabetic Type 1 and diabetic Type 2 urine from donors.

β€œLee Biosolutions is on the forefront of Diabetes research by supplying highly purified markers such as Hemoglobin A1C,β€œ said Burton Lee, President of Lee Biosolutions . β€œ What is unique about this test is that patients do not need to fast as with the common fasting plasma glucose test. Since HbA1C builds up in red blood cells throughout the lifetime of diabetic patients, its levels represent an excellent record of blood glucose levels over the previous 2-3 months. We are happy to be a part of early diagnosis of a disease that is so common but is taken so much for granted.β€œ

About Lee BioSolutions, Inc.
Lee BioSolutions is an international producer and supplier of high purity finished human proteins. Headquartered in St. Louis and founded in 2002, the biotechnology firm serves academic and scientific researchers as well as IVD manufacturers worldwide. Lee BioSolutions produces and processes the raw biomaterials used in drug discovery and development, laboratory equipment calibration, clinical diagnosis and product testing. These include Low Denisity Lipoprotein (LDL),High Denisity Lipoprotein(HDL), Myeloperoxidase, C-Reactive Protein, CkMB and Troponin, The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, FDA registered and meets USDA guidelines. To learn more about Lee BioSolutions visit or call 314-968-1091.