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To Whom It May Concern,

We are pleased to announce that we will officially move to a larger facility on August 10th.Please amend your records to our new contact details.

New Physical Address:

Lee Biosolutions, Inc.10850 Metro Ct, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

New Mailing Address:

Lee Biosolutions, IncPO Box 1569, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Our new 41,000 sq. Ft facility will allow us to meet our growth projections by tripling our capacity, adding new employees and providing better service to our customers and vendors. We will not accept any deliveries to our old facility at 2924 Mary Ave after August 4th.If you have any questions please email info@leebio.com

Burton Lee


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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO    / Lee Biosolutions is proud to announce that it has an exclusive Clinical Trail Supply Agreement with St. Teresa Medical, Inc. to support their SURGICLOT(R) Haemostatic Dressing. Lee Biosolutions' scientific team's extensive expertise with coagulation factors such as Human Thrombin and Fibrinogen made it an ideal partner to meet Saint Teresa Medical's requirements. St. Teresa Medical is a medical device company commercializing a new haemostatic technology platform.

Lee Biosolutions partnership with St. Teresa Medical ,covers the process development and manufacture of bulk cGMP Human Fibrinogen and Thrombin, analytical support and testing services, analytical methods development and validation, stability testing and viral clearance management. St. Teresa Medical owns the analytical methods and validation processes as a result of our close collaboration.

Burton Lee, CEO "St. Teresa Medical is an innovator in the market place and we are very proud that they chose Lee Biosolutions as a key supplier for this novel (or cutting edge) technology."

About Lee Biosolutions, Inc.:

We are headquartered in a 41,000 square feet state of the art cGMP-compliant facility in Maryland Heights, MO. Lee Biosolutions is a certified, licensed ISO, FDA, EPA and USDA leader in process development and bulk manufacturing of high quality purified enzymes and related proteins for research and clinical diagnostic tests. Lee Biosolutions products are used for such pathologies as cardiac disease, cancer, diabetes, urine analysis, coagulation, obesity, inflammatory, neurological, autoimmune diseases and immunological disorders

Lee Biosolutions’ facility is registered with the FDA. These products are produced in accordance with the FDA’s “Guidance for Industry: cGMP for Phase 1 Investigational Drugs” and Q7A, Section 19: “APIs for Use in Clinical Trials”.

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On April 1st at the Great Circle Edgewood Campus in Webster Groves, Lee Biosolutions was one of seven recipients that was recognized with the 2015 Circle of Caring Volunteer Award. Lee Biosolutions was recognized by developing a highly specialized alternative internship program specifically designed for the older youth attending Hitchcock school at the Edgewood Campus.

Great Circle provides advance residential treatment for children with autism, respite services, self-injury treatment, behavioral healthcare, foster care and a place for middle and upper school students at Hitchcock School who are not able to function in a traditional education setting. Lee Biosolutions has continued through the years to be involved with community volunteerism and continues  coming up with innovative ways to be able to give back to those in need.

Burton Lee, President and CEO, “It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences to customize a program that benefits the Youth by equipping them with additional skills and knowledge by being part of the LeeBio team . We design the job around the priorities of the student, family and counselors which is unique in our field. They will finish the program with a sense of pride and  can to look back and see what they have been able to accomplish. These are students that others have given up on. We never will.  “

About Lee Bio

Lee Biosolutions is a manufacturer of high purity finished enzymes and related proteins such as cardiac and tumor biomarkers used by research institutions, IVD manufacturers and the biotech healthcare industries worldwide. LeeBio is known for its expertise, leadership and support by clients because of the its ability to partner with them in the development, purification, scale up and commercialization of innovative products.

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Lee Biosolutions, Inc, a manufacturer and global provider of highly purified enzymes and related proteins for the life science, clinical diagnostic and the biotech healthcare industry, is proud to announce the addition of 3 new members to the Board of Directors reflecting its continued growth and expansion of the business.

President and CEO , J. Burton Lee says, “As a leader in the industry, we have a responsibility to maintain a strong articulated business strategy that will allow us to grow as our client base and product line continues to expand. I chose our members for their expertise, passion and commitment to make us a world class institution that will create a momentum in the market place that will be exciting for everyone doing business with us”

New Board Members

Matthew P. Lee is currently Vice-President with responsibilities that includes day to day operations of the business ensuring our company exceeds our customer expectations. Matthew holds a BS in Marketing Management from Missouri State University and joined Lee Biosolutions in 2012 as Logistics Manager. He was promoted to Vice-President in 2014 for his leadership and commitment to the business that has contributed to our highest growth in history of the company.

Daniel T. Fagan, PhD joined Lee Biosolutions in 2014 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board with his career spanning more than 37 years in both the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. His previous industrial experience includes the following: President of Sigma Chemical, General Manager of Mallinckrodt Peptides, President of PepTx, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Synthetech, Inc., Managing Director Brocair Partners as well as consulting over the last 15 years for various fine chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Douglas D. Held, PhD joined Lee Biosolutions in 2010 and has focused on building the company’s core technical and scientific expertise and translating that expertise into new business opportunities. Doug has substantial experience in development and commercialization of processes for production and testing of biological molecules. Doug previous experiences includes a leadership positions at Singulex, Inc. and Sigma Aldrich, Inc. Doug has been issued four patents for biochemical methods for detection of human disease. Doug received a B.S in Chemistry and Biology from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, followed by post graduate training in Chemistry at the University of Iowa.

About Lee Bio

Lee Biosolutions is a producer of high purity finished enzymes and related proteins used by research institutions, IVD manufacturers and the biotech healthcare industries worldwide. LeeBio isknown for its expertise, leadership and support by clients because of its ability to closely partner with them in the development, purification, scale up and commercialization of innovative products.

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Lee Biosolutions is scheduled to expand into its new 41,000 sq. ft facility at 10850 Metro Ct, Maryland Heights MO in August after adding over $1 million dollars of improvements to the  of the of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. CEO & President, Burton Lee states, “ We are excited about our seamless transition to a larger facility which is designed for maximum flexibility for complex manufacturing processes. This expansion will enable LB to meet our ever growing product line as well as ensure improved on time delivery to our customers."  

Lee Biosolutions success has been the ability to develop some of the most successful products in the industry and the ability to provide expertise in purification, development and process chromatography to our clients.

Lee Biosolutions is a privately held corporation headquartered in St. Louis, MO manufacturing high purity finished enzymes and proteins for the diagnostic, academic and scientific industry worldwide. Our innovative preparative and analytical techniques allows us to meet both research and bulk cGMP manufacturing requirements.

Burton Lee

President and CEO