Lee Biosolutions adheres to the highest standards as a producer of affinity purified antibodies, generated with high specificity and reactivity, used in a variety of immunohistochemistry applications. We are a global leader in the production of high quality, purified antibodies. For those looking to purchase antibodies online—we ship internationally!

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Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), anti-Human
Catalog No: CPSA-80AL Form: Lyophilized
CPSA-80AL Polyclonal Antibody Affinity Purified Lyophilized More Info
Retinol Binding Protein (RBP), anti-Human
Catalog No: GRBP-80A Form: Liquid
GRBP-80A Polyclonal Antibody Affinity Purified Liquid More Info
Transferrin, anti-Human
Catalog No: GTX-80A Form: Liquid
GTX-80A Polyclonal Antibody Affinity Purified Liquid More Info
Whole Serum, anti-Human
Catalog No: GWS-80 Form: Liquid
GWS-80 Whole Antiserum Serum Liquid More Info